Financial Support of INCT – FAPESP and CNPQ

  • Zeiss LSM780 NLO Inverted Confocal System (installed)

  • Microdissection PALM Laser System – Zeiss (installed)

  • Microscope Observer Zeiss (installed) and Spinning Disk System – ANDOR (installed)

  • Expansion of built area (project in final preparation)

Financial Support of EMU Project – FAPESP

  • Zeiss LSM780 NLO Upright Confocal System (installed)

  • AFM System and Tip-enhancement – JPK (install phase)

  • FLIM and FCS Systems – B&H (installed)

  • Optical Tweezers and microdissection – MMI (install phase)

  • Lasers OPO for CARS (importation phase by FAPESP)


  • Installations

  • Aid infrastructure of laboratories