Subprojeto 8 – Insect sperm cells and Cadmium effects on spermatogenesis

Participantes: Heidi Dolder (Departmento de Biologia Celular – IB – Unicamp)

(1) Studies of Hymenoptera show that the variable length of spermatozoa can be a distinguishing character. An explanation given for this variability may be sperm competition, determining paternity. The type of movement of these long sperm tails is unknown and the comparison of their mobility could bring new light on the advantages that different types may have, parameters that could be achieved through video-enhanced high speed microcinematography. (2) Cadmium contamination can lead to very serious effects in several specific tissues. The identification of the exact site of intracellular accumulation would be very important, with physiological implications. The localization of the metal when administered together with medicinal herbs that modulate the organism’s response could explain the results observed. In this sense, CARS will be used to follow lipid accumulation/mobilization in the testis in response to Cadmium treatment and reflectance will be used to investigate heavy metal accumulation in the cells.