• 1. Establish the first National Institute of Photonics applied to Cell Biology, providing the most innovative techniques and tools such as single and multiphoton confocal microscopys, equipped with FLIM and FCS, SHG/THG and CARS microscopy applications, Tip-Enhanced and Raman microspectroscopy/microscopy, individually and or together to develop the different subprojects proposed by this Institute;
  • 2. Develop a connecting system among the different microscopes that will enable shared utilization of pulsed-laser;
  • 3. Carry out simultaneous evaluations of various cell parameters, using specific combinations of different existing methodologies in live cells;
  • 4. Carry out correlated optical and photonic microscopy studies, with the support of complementary approaches;
  • 5. Develop innovations and enhance already existing processes that are a part of our proposal.